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Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Step Closer to Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Hi there readers...This entry today is specialized and dedicated to Nuffnang crew for the competition they are offering. This is such a gold rush for me.

“Giddy up man, there’s a lot of food and prizes to win!”

My friend  showed me the link to the competition and asked me whether I'm interested in taking up this challenge or not, and I read all the information thoroughly and found out that the competitors will be able to eat a lot of glorious food. yummy3x ^___^

Why I would love to be a part of  maxis Om Nom Nom Race? 
Ladies and gentlemen,
Presenting, the reasons why I would love to join this race.

This is indeed a very exciting news for a droller like me (mind you I’m not Gerry Droller lol), I wouldn't want to miss the chance of eating glorious food which I'm sure it's going to bring great happiness and thankfulness to me. When other people say that they can eat a horse when they hungry, the saying applies differently to me, I think I can eat the giant even when I’m not hungry.  And yeah, three to four or five courses of meal will do nothing to me. I will not even going to get fat. (My metabolic rate is very high). I came to know that the race will be from 8 in the morning till 7 pm. That is sure going to be a long time and I am also informed that there will be plenty of surprises waiting.

11 hours of race and we need a good navigator so I think Iphone application finder301 will give me much help. It helps Malaysians to find and share what is the best around us. So by this, I'm sure we will be able to finish the race faster and keep our stomach filled too. But, sometimes, I tend to forget to recharge my Iphone battery and I need to have a back up for that. I will keep my netbook in my bag and bring along with me a wireless broadband so I can use them whenever I think they are needed. Aren’t they just too sweet? It’s a win-win situation though. Having netbook in our hand or Iphone or either one of them will keep us in pace with everyone else. It’s like we are really cool and it also shows how sophisticated we are. 

So, in the race, if we are chosen, Azham Vosovic and I...
We will promote the advantages of using Iphone with the finder301 navigation and the vital of owning a broadband wireless at the same time. But I don’t really care to be put in other teams though; I can get to know more and more people. But if we are together, I'm sure; the sale of Iphone and the broadband will increase amazingly after our promotion. I was once a promoter in a shopping mall at my place. Maxis has been my best companion compared to other networking companies (I wouldn't want to state the name here). I live in quite a rural area, so maybe they just won't help people like us communicating with the outside world? Perhaps? Well I don't know that. But thanks to maxis, you guys saved us from getting lacked behind and letting us civilized.    
This is Azham Vosovic's blogpost regarding Om Nom Nom Race, check it out ^___^

p/s= My T-shirt size is M ^^


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