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Friday, January 14, 2011


This is going to be my favorite entry, I want to write about my preferred boy band above all others and this group is beyond everything compared to all Malaysian artistes.

Basically I want to say that they are the best...The songs that they sing, the genre is a bit different from other boy bands and other girl bands too.

If you listen to one of their songs (I'll be back, again and again and bla3x) you will find it unique and OH my GOD How am I supposed to express this? I can't find the rational of any supposition that will fit to their songs. I can feel like I'm with them, dancing and shaking my body, you know go along with the waves. I imagine myself with other burlesquer usher them singing and we dancing in a real wild moves. This is kinky and stimulating...(This is not right, don't try this at home)...some of my thoughts are repugnant, abusive to minds and mind you, words can be compelling. so, stop ranting and focus to the song...This might not be their latest song but enjoy this...
Click the banner to download the song

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