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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hi there unknown peeps, welcome to my blog. My name is Azam a.k.a Alexs Nuk, I'm 19, male, Malaysian. If you want to get to know me, be my follower and we can share a lot of things together here. Many things that even the things that you wouldn't want to hear, I will still share with you. I'm floozie-ing myself enough so that any dedicated stalker can easily emerge him/herself into the world of me.
P/S=There are stalkers on this page. ^_______^

Why do I chose "Libidinous" instead of something else?
What is Libidinous?

Libidinous is an adjective that can be interpreted as exhibiting LUSTful desires.It sounds very kinky if you don't know what I am trying to express here, the supposition is ambiguous. Yea I would know that.I might hear a lot of hypothesis regarding this matter, but if you spend a little bit of your precious time and listen to my explanation, everything will be crystal clear. At least my explanation is good enough to prevent my dearest readers from accusing me as a flasher or a sexual freak.

I named my newly created blog as "The Libidinous Me" because...I will write anything that attract my attention and I will make sure that they are going to be really interesting and seductive and the passion of me writing and the readers reading is called LUST.I'm exhibiting my lust (writing desires) through my write up. so that is my point. Although it's not sexually lust, I think you guys can get what I actually want to say here. so I wish you guys happy reading...

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