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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


How these songs I write are for you
Even though the thought of us being together makes us blue.
This wasn’t our choice, it was forced
My Juliet was stolen from my finger tips.
Sometimes I still sit up at night, and stare at the moon
Inhale my sorrows as I try and mend this wound,
With every beat I can feel what is rightfully yours
And no matter where I go, from shore to ocean shores
I’ll be screaming for you, while the sweat drips from my pores.
If only you knew, I try and forget but can’t
All these thoughts just leave me here to rant.
You’ll never know how much you mean to me.
I dream every night of what we could be
The views we promised each other one day we would see.
As much as I want to leave this place,
Sad thing is I’ll always remember your face,
And how we could always light each other up
Lighting up the ones close to us as well, but
These flames we share our flickering, 
The wind of change is sickening,
Because it is blowing us apart
And I fear if either of us depart,
It would cripple either of our hearts.
You’ll never know
How I can still feel your fingers in between my own
How your eyes made me feel at home
These our my feelings, I’m sorry that I can’t make them known.
But what bothers me more than all,
Is we will never know what could have been.
If you were to fall,
If you were to sin,
I’m scared I won’t be there to pick you up so you can carry on again.
But someone else will, and thats the end.
Never forget though,
I’m always going to be here.
Maybe not in this town, but in your heart.
Just look deep in side you, and throw that dart.
I’ll be that bullseye you can always count on, even if you belong to another.
If theres one thing I was ever taught by my mother,
It’s don’t give up, and I’m not.
Even if I am becoming old and begin to rot,
May you be the mulch for my rebirth,
And bring me back to life on this Earth.
But this is false hope,
Like an addicts last hit of dope,
Because a relationship with you is what I want to sew,
But at the end of this day, You’ll Never Know.

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