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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My dearest readers...
my blog is quite weird, there's a story (continuously) and there's also jabbers. For the story part, it is actually a short story written by me, and it's in progress, I have a little difficulty finishing it, you know sometimes I can't think of the story line and I get blurred too. so, it takes time, I don't have any idea when I am going to be able to finish it. I hope before the end of this year I can come up with few more short stories. My first short story is MORTIFICATION. Mortify can be defined as self-denial, cause to be ashamed and something like that. so, if you want to know more, you have to read all episodes of MORTIFICATION. thanks to Mr Azham Vosovic, he taught me how to categorize my writings so it don't get mixed up. 
I know that I'ma mixed up person, but I will make certain that my writing won't be like me. a lunatic lol...thanks for reading.  


  1. Wah, thanks for mentioning my name. Glad that I've helped you to manage your bloggie, but still I hope that you won't forget your password like the other day again yea?

  2. yea hopefully I won't because I have told almost everyone in this house my email and my password,,lol


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