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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


“Yo Mama’s so stupid, she tried to drown herself in a carpool”. I began to read one of the jokes in my green ‘Yo’ mama jokes’ book. He grinned at me as if I made the euphemism came out to live. He got the meaning of the joke I spluttered out from the book. I like exaggeration. So I intently to make it funnier because I know he would like it. It was his turn to pick and read one of the jokes from the book. He took the book from me, his face was rather serious than few minutes back. But then I saw his quick smile and I smiled back to him.
“Yo’ sista’s so stupid; she tried to kiss someone’s hubby and got smacked for that”. He finished it with sarcasm. “That was not funny, why would she kiss someone’s husband?” I insisted. I tried to find the joke he read from the book. I couldn’t find it. With a splash second, I knew something was not right. He made that joke out and my assumption was correct.
“What actually you’re trying to deliver?” I muttered. I asked, seeking for clarification. His face turned unfriendly, with disgust. Out of sudden. Regardless that, I needed to know what was in his mind. He couldn’t possibly just throw that without something inflicted him to do so. I knew the time has come.
“It it something that you have to know, loving me? you are out of your mind!”. My heart shattered into pieces that was impossible to rejoin, I ran away as I knew what word he was going to throw later. I was right.
“You’re stupid, we are not going to last like this. It’s just something about you that everyone couldn’t accept it!”. I ignored him, my eyes had started to create a pool that was going to flood and spill and I ran without even looking back. Why didn’t he say this six years ago, when we were so close, when we were ‘together’?
         Six years relationship, six years memories together, it was all happy moment but I had to let him go. I had caught unmistakable symptoms that we were going to break up. Our last night together, he showed less affection, less passion. We were kissing with no hugging, he logged in facebook and chatted with another girl. I didn’t ask, I let him did whatever he wanted to do. He didn’t even kiss me good night. “Arghh”. I muttered. He didn’t respond and continued to sleep. In the morning, I had him sent me back to my house and on our way, we didn’t speak. We agreed to meet later in the evening and that was our last evening together.
My name was Jamie and I worked as D.A. (Defence Attorney) somewhere in nowhere island. I didn’t feel the need to state the name of the place here. I lived euphorically with my dog Amy Winehouse. But I rather called her Amy, I wasn’t sure myself why I named her Amy winehouse. I was not a big fan of her, a British singer and a draught. Amy wasn’t a draught either. I punched my friend in the face when he tried to give Amy liquor once upon a time. And they knew who I was. A woman of action. But I regretted for punching him, my left hand sprained for a week and you wouldn’t want to know what I can’t do during that period. Back to my Amy, she couldn’t even sound like Amy Winehouse. Hoarse and stentorian. A little husky I would say. My Amy barked and howled all the time regardless the time and it was sometimes very irritating. But I loved her, my only companion when Alexs left me. It had been five years but I couldn’t let the memories passed, flushed through my sewage system.

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