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Saturday, March 5, 2011


two non-identical cats making love in a jacuzzi

Everyone has pets at home, well maybe almost everyone does have them at home (Redundancy). Even myself, I have countless pets like cats, rabbits, dogs, fishes, chickens, and birds, to name a few. If you come to my house,  you will feel like you are in the land of animal kingdom. Luckily they do not let their dung splated anywhere they like around the house. My mother has done a lot of things to make sure that they will defecate at the place where that   deed should be done..hehehehe

For cats, they are sharing toilet with us, I don't quite sure why, but it seems like they know toilet is the right place for them to crap. But still, ladies and gentlemen, they are not so clever enough, they do not know how to flush and to douse their solid and liquid wastes. what gets after it, is the smell from their urine. But that is cute. (They are cute! not the dung)
cats in the bikini

As for dogs, two of them, Johnny and Nico, my father makes few stacks of sand for their own use. Johnny will have his part and Nico gets his too. So far they haven't been fighting with my cats (I'm not expecting a bloodshed scene from them) and they are so cute. I have not touched them yet and never planned to do, it involves a very complicated process to tannin the stink. So why would I take the risk?

(My dogs, both of them) is of this breed

Rabbits...They are quite special, we let them go free, wherever and whenever they want. Well because of this, two of them, I can't remember the name, there's just too many of them, got eaten by Nico! Pity them and (I'm so gonna kill Nico) Crossed though XD ...
They know when to come back to their lair, basically we spend RM20 per week for their grist and Kang Kung.

Chicken, ahh nothing to say...You know how chicken behaves aite? They have never contributed anything to us, I wouldn't slaughter them and eat them. I don't know why, but I can't eat domesticated chicken. Their taste is slightly different, well I still remember when I mistakenly ate ayam kampung and they are really disgusting. We can never assure what they have been eating, their own shit! Worm? animals dead body? who knows and who wants to check on what they eat? So the safest strategy is to avoid them. Don't consume any of ayam kampung.

Fish...My brother put it in an aquarium and he feeds him with worms and cricket. He's getting bigger and worth RM400 if sold.

This fish resembles one water pokemon but I can't remember what's the name of it...

Birds, they chirp a lot in the house, especially when my cats get near them. yeah there are two of them...waiting to fall and be eaten by my cats and dogs. hehehehehehe  

I don't have real picture of them, instead I just googled them...

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