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Friday, January 14, 2011


It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. Well today I think I can enlighten you guys with my writing. I always would like to come with whole new fresh ideas for my write up, but it seems to me that ideas wouldn’t always come along when you really want it. So, by luck and by chance, I come across a fundamental emotional determining character that activated my spirit to write. I finally found myself, the real me.

Enough with the rants, I would like to share something that I’m sure all of you will be thrilled by it. People once called me “Internet bergerak” or can I just say it like hmm people call me as asperser or someone who embarks a real bad thing about other people. Or in other word, a slanderer. Yea, definitely a slanderer!

I have a friend; his name is Mr Anonymous…

Well we don’t really like him and he has gone to a limit where everyone cannot stand him. Sometimes his actions are a little overboard.

He has this cute face and everyone adores him. But his voice is rather stentorian to me. He keeps on pestering me like there is no other friend who would content him. He has got everything, charm, look, and name it I wouldn’t want to accolade him much here. It’s just hurt me more.

Back to my story, he has done something bad to me, very bad. He uses me for his sake (I’m not his sugar whatever you call it, we are just friend) and yea, he only needs me when he feels he needs me up till now. The process of hating him has been an ongoing process because of this accident. I shall tell you briefly of what it is.

Well two years ago, I was bestowed with these great wisdom and sagacity and everyone was looking for me to get their homework done. Well I was not too happy about it, they didn’t learn anything by just copying, so finally, I was the one who “untung” I got to refresh everything and yea I felt great seeing everyone failed on their exams. Ain’t I wicked? I guess not…

So, back to this guy’s story. He did the same thing too, asked me to solve his homework and yea I did it. But something came up and the answer I gave him was wrong…Shit!”£$% he told everyone how stupid I can be sometimes and that was really embarrassing. You know how it feels when we are shamed with someone who is stupid-er than us??? I didn’t go out from my room for one week. I didn’t let anybody to come near me. =.=”

From that day, I made up my mind that I won’t help anybody with their homework, but I will teach them how to solve it instead. I know this story might seem silly but it has a moral value in it too…

The moral of the story is, don’t let anyone use us and vice versa for there will always be a karma coming after us. But i hate this karma, people make fun of me yet they didn't remember what have I done to them...I shouldn't have helped them from the beginning. Don't help people ya peeps...

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