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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have been listening to their songs for the whole month now and I never get bored letting all the songs being on loop on my laptop every time I switch my lappy on. Seriously, the tune and the melody calm me, but it's never going to be as effective as food calming me down,,hahaha hell no!

I have listed down few songs from respective singers below,,,Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Rihanna..

1. Naturally
2. A year without rain

1. E.T (futuristic lover)
2. I think I'm ready
3. T.G.I.F (friday night)
4. Humming bird heartbeat
5. Not like the movies (to name a few)

1. S & M
2. Skin
3. Slower to heal

This however is a little different, as you can see, it's a movie, Burlesque- I have been repeating this movie, watching it like hundreds of times already, the plot isn't that impressive though, the things that make this movie up are the musical and the songs.
Christina Aguilera and Cher have both done a very good job.

I have always wanted to be in the team, but of course not as a stripper.
What do I have to show anyway? >.< People wouldn't want to see scrawny slender kind of stripper hehehehehe...
However, intrinsically I think I was meant to be born as a stripper hahahahaha
Sorry to disappoint, but no picture will be included here..hehehehe


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