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Saturday, March 5, 2011



5th March 2011, another epic day for me, my tummy and my 
6 of us, Mr Azham Vosovic, Natrah, Lady Gaga, Kak Limah and Kapoor, and I hehehehe...
We went to two places to eat, basically filling our stomach with more and more cholesterol, fat and fat, 

Approx at 9.30, we finished everything up and started trolling around Bangsar like aimless bunch of cuties. Well maybe only me, hehehehehe I got tired sometimes when everyone was asking me if I have any connection to Justin Bieber, considering our hairstyle is virtually the same, I pondered and contemplated while looking at my own reflection. and yeah, we are twins hahaha but he's like 3 years younger than me. so hell no, that's just coincidence, I had this idea in my mind, maybe he ran into me in the future and seeing my hairstyle, he's amazed and decided to copy me. that's just his luck I showed up in his future. (I believe an infant sees the world before they decide to be born or not, so basically it's the future we talking about here)...ssHHsshhh

Enough with the mumbling,      
let us see what I had for my supper (Dinner + Supper = Dipper/stripper???) hehehehehe

Buy 5 and get 1 free

These two cupcakes are creamy, delicious and scrumpy, but yeah secret recipe's cakes is still at on top of the list. Cupcakes are meant to be baked like this so people would buy it, they are decorated, and the cook really make them up...hehehehehe
I have no idea how people would eat them...

I guess that's all for today...


  1. hahaha, you are so full of yourself hehehe

  2. hehehehehehe speak for yourself,,hahahahahahahahahahahaha


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