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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


“What’s going to happen to us? We are growing older; your family might want you to get married”. I began the conversation with low sulky voice.
“I’m not sure, I think we are going to move into new house after two or three years. Well that is what my father told me”. He was grumbling about it too.
“So are we going to separate?” I needed to know the answer.
He didn’t attend to my question but he hugged and kissed me. It was pathetic though. I knew this was going to happen. His father was a pious and actively participated in almost all religious activities. But I turned him this way. In the world full of liars and uncertainty. He was very ‘gentleman’ and we were in love. I personally didn’t think it was wrong; people have their own rights and choices. Even the emperor of China has thousands of concubines, and it wasn’t wrong for him to do so too. But the fact was only that, I was his ‘intimately’ associated friend.
“This is your new assignment”. My boss told me. Everyone called him ‘Duck’. I was new in the firm so I wasn’t sure why. It was probably be that because his mouth was big, especially on the upper lips and he talked a lot, giving away instructions and orders that annoyed people. I was asked to defence someone who was accused for murdering his own fiancée. My client was 25 years old, too young to be married. Tying knot wasn’t simple and I chose not to get married at all. It was a waste of time, money and maybe energy. For a fine woman like me, I didn’t think and didn’t feel the need to get married. It was not necessary. “screw those who married!” I grumbled.
I read through my client’s particular. My hands were quivering, my whole body was shivering. All information about my client suited him! It was him. My client was Alexs and I was correct. His fiancée Natrah was killed.
“This is going to be interesting!”. I grimaced. I never knew that he had a fiancée, someone who I knew very well. Someone I hated. I was relieved knowing she had died, at least my competition had lessen. I was on my way to regain my lost soul partner. I can sometimes be imbecile, and plus she had died. I would not felt remorse that I talked bad about her. Truthfully, I swore a lot of bitching words to her. She deserved to die. I must thank the murderer for killing her and I wouldn’t care to give him money if he insisted.
Natrah was my childhood rival. We were in debate team in different school of course. We competed and my team lost in the first round thanks to her. Her language skill was really good; she used phrase and words that I had never heard. Other than that, we were also fallen in love with the same guy. Alexs.
I didn’t play fair fairly. I knew that they were in loving. But Alexs and I were in love too. He was sexually strong and he used it in its best way. I couldn’t help it but to compete with her. I had a bigger chance winning. I knew I had something that she didn’t have. I realized something. Humans cannot adhere and abide with rules. Be it stringent or lenient. Deceivers and cheaters would always find their way. So did I. I played the part as an antagonist. I cheated them. Both Alexs and Natrah.
I met Natrah in cybercafé, one day. It wasn’t a plan, coincidently met her. I didn’t realize her presence then she greeted me. “Hey long time no see, after our last debate”. She grinned at me. I was shocked and mortified. She knew there was no way I could beat her and she played dirty mind game with me. Then we walked inside the cybercafé and took a seat close to each other. I didn’t know if I had taken a good seat or not. Close to my own rival? I hated her to the utmost. Then I thought of something good for me and evil for Alexs and Natrah. I started the conversation although I was not the type that would go for a talk first. I let people talk to me first. But this time was different. Devil in me pushed me that I would regret if I didn’t let the plan go as what he had arranged. God helped me, devil helped me too. I needed to separate them and in the end I would be together with Alexs. Only two of us. “Natrah, you can go to hell!”
“How is Alexs?”. I whispered to her, started the conversation.
“He seems fine; I talked to him last night. She answered without looking at me. I needed to kill her; I thought she was extremely obnoxious and annoying. I never felt so much hatred in my entire life. I talked to him too you bitch! My hands were quivering, stopping myself from banging her head to the computer’s screen. But I couldn’t spread that word and action out; I let them in my thought. I knew I had to play safe.
“Want to know something? Something interesting. This is regarding Alexs, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this one”. I provoked her to see what I was going to show her. She showed some interest. I showed her “Tagged” that I created especially for Alexs to flirting. I even showed to her Alexs’s messages. She was pissed off. I knew my plan was a success. In my heart, I cried hilariously. The next day, I heard them broke up. A week later, I heard them made up again. I was speechless. Why did that and was that happened?
So I had a meeting with my so-called client. He was surprised to see me; I pretended to be surprised too. Just as the way he was. The discussion that we had wasn’t really a success. It didn’t go as smooth as what I expected. We talked more about why he left me, did he remember me all these time. I didn’t care about my client and case anymore. We decided to meet again that night to discuss. “This time it is going to be more solemn”. I thought to myself. Yet again, it turned out to be something else. That night was a lust for us.

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