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Saturday, January 15, 2011


I find more and more reasons to live on earth. Thanks to God.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's not that I'm planning to die sooner but I personally think, we need to enjoy life more and teenage life would be the best time to begin with all of the plans we have in mind.
Giddy up man! Rock your body! So this evening, some friends of mine and myself, we went to "Pusat Kecemerlangan sukan Bangsar"  and we swam...Swimming is always gonna be good and essential for health. It keeps our lungs..(Lungs??? I'm bad with facts and sciences) tip top condition and it might as well be like, hmm it builds up our muscle especially the ones at the chest, triceps and 

Who knows, few more months I'll become this??

Euuww this is so disgusting, a very hideous monster..
Don't even imagine me with the bulges all over the body (especially the one in the centre

we had a great time there, I never knew that I can swim very well and I can even jump and swim and dive like Michael Phelps lol...This is the synchronization of time during our adventure to swimming port in Bangsar. 
we prepared everything before 2PM and yeah, we had everything taken care of before it and we departed exactly at 2.30PM. I wasn't really well at that point of time, running nose, mucus all over the nostrils yucckkss and even my heart didn't seem so good like it's predicting something would happen. (Fortunately nothing had happened) and then, after 10 minutes in cab, we reached the Bangsar sports centre. Again, luck was always with us, no one there except for the life guards and us. So, we swam and played in the swimming pool like there's going to be no tomorrow for us. But it didn't seem to be like it for one of my friends, he doesn't know how to swim (factual statement), I won't bother to much about him, it seemed to me that a lot of people was willing to help him with his swimming skills. so I dived and swam all over the place. And then, after approximately 30 minutes, there were people coming and surprisingly, Stefani came too. One of the lecturers in International languages department. she wore two piece, I didn't greet her because I knew everything would be awkward if she knew that we have seen her somewhere in IPBA..yeah her students of course...

A lot of other people were there and I saw kids around 4 to 5 years old, they can swim fabulously. They didn't seem to be afraid of deep place at all..seriously, they can swim faster than my friend who I said before skilled-less. There were two people monitoring the kids which I believe are their father and the maid from Indonesia...Maybe their father would like them to be in swimming team replacing me and Michael Phelps,,,lol

After sometime, a bell rang and it indicated that we need to settle down with everything already, we must be ready to leave the pool. So, I took the last 'bite' in the pool and splashsshhh ...That's all for my story..and yea, one more thing, when I become a teacher I want to train my students in swimming sport because I know I have the capability of doing it. I just know it ^_^ 

Michael Phelps, my swimming training partner ^_^

     This is me, a merman :P


  1. gile ketul doe badan cuak aku haha

  2. biase ler tu..hahahahaha badan aku mcm tu la..hahhaha


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