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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Everyone is now a big fan of Lady Gaga and It's of course including me. Some of us have gone to the stake of worshiping her songs, images and her religious view? I wouldn't know that. And there is a major news here, everyone is now talking about her images that got something to do with the Free Mason thingy and kabalah..(you can google search it for more details) 

Something is just not right about her or maybe (most probably) it's just people's dirty tricks, putting a bad image to the members of the public's minds to make she looks really bad. These people are definitely the one who envies of Gaga's success. but again, i wouldn't know that. From my personal point of view, she is rockk woooo...her fashions and songs are KEWLL...

so, this is not a serious judgement or examination of her that I want to make here, but it's rather a compliment and 'wonder' regarding her choice of fashion-ing herself...

What do you guys think of this? Very superbly attractive? This is what we call Libidinous..don't you guys think it's a bit kinky and it's kinda exhibiting her lustful desires? I don't know different people have different thoughts. ^_^ but this is gorgeous... 

I chose this picture because I think, this is her best attire of the year. Everything is just sooo compatible to be put together as a set. Maybe except for the star or something that she holds (whatever it is). It looks really shabby, it's gonna be hard for her to carry it around and to leave it to someone to hold it, I will say that the action is just selfish. She can just choose not to have that in the first place. aha! some improvement can be made though, put it on top or her head, then it will be the greatest attire of the year,,huhuhu and needless to say, everyone can see that her hair is wonderful, where did she do that? I'd like to try it...hmm (credits to the late-Alexander Mcqueen for the la-couture)

This is yuucckkss, I'ma beef eater yet she asked someone to get the adult's bovine's beef to be cut and to be tailored? errhh,,,I hope she didn't get attacked by astray dogs or sushi eater for the anything that she has on her body, especially this one.     

And this one too, but this is the second version (less-everything version) so you can see most of the parts of her body. This is not sexually attractive, but it's rather a frigid! (sexually unresponsive) it makes man wanna barf so girls and boys, If you wanna avoid yourself from being the victim of harassment, wear this to shopping mall, to 

This is cute!!!! But still weird, but this is Gaga and everyone adores her for this. Can find the resemblance with the picture below? what do you guys see?

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