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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Few days back.

Few weeks back.

Few years back.

I have been receiving a lot of phone calls, messages and even mms-es from somebody I hardly know them and hey wait!! Of course I don’t know them. Silly me!! shit3x  Who the hell are they? And when I ask them where the F they get my contact number...

Alexs: Where did you get my number? Who gave you????? (IMPERATIVE)

The kind of answers that I will get are...

Anonymous: Erk I found it on the internet.

Anonymous: Your number is in my contact list.

Anonymous: No comment, I just want to know you more.

This is so freakishly crazy. I did put my number on the internet, on tagged. But it was through private message and people wouldn’t know it unless...haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...unless the person who I gave the number spread it out!!! Shit I just realized it now. So now I know where they all get my number. Thanks to blog post for keeping me awake from all this kind of crazy stuff. They are weirdo. Sometimes they demand for so many things which I can’t just give to people without any assurance. Naked pictures of me??? Hell shit no!!!!!! I would not even give pictures of me “topless”. I ain’t pornstar. Lol   

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