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Friday, February 11, 2011


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking websites on the Internet. Each day countless numbers of people flock to Facebook and join up with visions of reconnecting with people and having the ability to maintain contact with people they know.
There are many advantages to becoming a Facebook member and once you've successfully integrated yourself as a savvy user, you'll see just how Facebook is a great tool to be used for many purposes. The advantages and disadvantages of Facebook can somehow be narrowed down to certain ‘distinct’ aspects, especially in students’ life.  Basically, we are now talking about students’ life. Clear your thoughts, heads and come together to think and conform to me, the essentials and the non-requisites of having Facebook. (The advantages and the disadvantages)
Having Facebook account is one of the fundamental elements in students’ life in college. Most of students and also lecturers are bound to communicate through Facebook rather than sms or email. Some people are too lazy to check their email account thus, making it harder to communicate via that. So, to make it simplest for all students and lecturers, Facebook is turned to one great device connecting everyone. It makes everyone feel free to communicate, getting rid of a lot of awkwardness that we may have encountered in the real world. Facebook is not just about putting our lives into virtual world, but the vitality of Facebook is further proved when the system in it is now upgraded. I’m sure most of us have realized the existence of a few new groups created by particular person in Facebook system. We can do our own group and choose our own followers. Discussions, questions and a lot more can be conferred within the small society in that particular group.
Other than that, it saves cost. This issue is of extreme importance. Paying for so many things on our own is tough. Extremely tough. From petrol to photocopies to many other extras that students need to do. Sometimes we can even get ourselves trapped in the world in indigence just by filling and paying all these necessities. But, by having Facebook, it gives us a little space of indifference. What I meant here is, we can get accessed to Facebook freely, we won’t really care how to cut budget just to save and spend our money wisely. Believe me, even the lamest college will have ‘free wifi’  set for their students! If they don’t have it, too bad, the students need to be assertive and they must fight for it and get everything done! Some applications like the ability of us tagging people through the notes or in status updates to remind people is of a great help. People won’t be missed out of any information, unless they are purely ignorance, that can’t be helped. Well, if you were to come across that kind of case, give her or him a nice ‘slap’ snapping herself out of confusion and drag her down to the real world of Facebook and technology. But it’s going to be a very rare case so don’t lose energy on that.               
Even the most distinguished product can have its disadvantages and can cause some predicament with one's character. The bad side of having Facebook particularly are that first, it is going to be a catalogue for people exhibiting their disposition of sexuality. When we talk about this kind of abomination of nature we are inclined to look at the symptoms of social illness amongst youngsters, especially. Whilst everyone is so excited about the best parts of this social networking, many people tend to forget and they actually, intentionally disregard its bad parts. What do you have in your mind when you are liberally mingling just with almost everyone, be it anonymous or some acquaintances? Moral decay? Free sex? Free everything? Believe me again, Ladies and Gentlemen, it wouldn’t bring any good at all. Facebook is promoting openness to a lot of social cavities. While the government is probing the social scenes in this country, Facebook is contributing to the progress of increasing the number of problems in this country. Like what we all can see are problems with homosexuality, cyber bullying, emotional breakdown or emotional failure and name it, we have all listed safe and sound here. Those sinners use Facebook as a subterfuge to keep their dirty work camouflaged. I know some of you might not support this but this is the fact that people keep secret of. Suchlike any other social networking, it has definitely the same, vital role, manipulating people especially when the use is abused.
Facebook can also be very abusive when there are people who misuse it for their own self. They can fake the profile of one’s person and drag it to the wrong use of it. We can somehow relate it to self-disclosure. It can be either like a person is indiscriminately violating, condemning and insulting other people, or maybe a person throws so many profanities and it makes him look very ego-centric, harsh and rude person. It can cause you a downfall. And the same thing too applies if, you are now a different person using different profile and using different picture as a profile picture. A person who doesn’t know might just jump into conclusion that you are what they see and start to ask you with loads of questions. They do not know who you are, but they are judging you. Then suddenly you make one of the silliest mistakes and it shames you, what would happen? Speak for yourself. When we share personal information with someone, we risk indifference if the other person does not care about it, or rejection, if the person is turned off by the information or most importantly, if that person already has this one kind look at you. This is dangerous, and should be avoided by all means. Other possibilities that are possible to happen are also such as you are going to be tormented, emotionally and people lost faith in you.

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